After seemingly waving the white flag in New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district, National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman Steve Stivers said on Wednesday that he’s confident the GOP will keep the seat after meeting with candidate Hirsh Singh.

Stivers met with Singh on Wednesday morning in his Washington, D.C. office, where the two discussed the chairman’s recent comments calling the district “a recruiting hole” for the Republican Party, according to a GOP source familiar with the meeting.

Following the meeting, Stivers walked back those comments, calling Singh “an impressive candidate.”

“We don’t endorse in open seat primaries, but my comments were made before I had the chance to meet with any of the candidates,” Stivers said in a statement to Observer. “I just met Hirsh Singh, who is an impressive candidate with a compelling personal story. If the other candidates are as strong as Hirsh, I am confident we are going to win the seat.”

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