NPR Building via Wikimedia Commons.

Via AAN:

Liberal leaning news outlet National Public Radio (NPR) has now deleted a tweet calling the much beloved and respected former prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe a ‘Divisive Arch-Conservative’ immediately following his death at the hands of an assassin.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Publicly funded NPR deleted a tweet Friday morning calling former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a “divisive arch-conservative” after Abe was assassinated.

The original tweet read as follows, according to a screenshot from Kimberly Ross.

“Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a divisive arch-conservative and one of his nation’s most powerful and influential figures, has died after being shot during a campaign speech Friday in western Japan, hospital officials said.”

NPR later issued a separate tweet regarding Abe’s death.

Conservatives on Twitter immediately jumped to Abe’s defense, shredding NPR in the process:

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