British commentator and Journalist Piers Morgan blasted, Trump’s “enemies” for the Russian collusion witch hunt. In an unusual act of candor from a notorious liberal, Morgan acknowledged that Trump “stands completely vindicated” by the Mueller investigation.

The column goes on to skewer the media for spreading “[the worst] thing to say about someone” in the insinuations that Trump betrayed the American people:

So it was all fake news…

The entire two-year Russia collusion frenzy was based on an absolute falsehood that Donald Trump and his team had colluded with Russians to fix the 2016 election.

It’s hard to imagine a worse thing to say about someone than that they betrayed their country, that they were traitors to their own people.

Yet that was the charge levelled at Trump in an obsessively unrelenting campaign to bring him down as President.

Even as the media scrambles to assign blame, and get out of the hole they dug, it’s nice to seem someone like Piers Morgan admit what’s really coing on.

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