Nikki Haley dropped the hammer on Palestine, Wednesday. In an interview with Fox New’s Brett Baier, she pointed out that all the PLO does is take our money, and badmouth us.

Daily Caller reports

Referring to the tough actions by the administration, Baier asked, “Is there still a hope that by doing the ‘hard stick’ approach with the Palestinians that they are somehow going to turn around?”

“It’s totally up to the Palestinians at this point … Negotiations are going to happen, neither side is going to like it.”

Haley said, “the Palestinians have more to gain than Israel ever will,” before launching into a full broadside against the PLO for their behavior toward the US.

“All they’ve done is have their hand out asking for money, badmouth the United States, not come to the table on the peace deal,” Haley said bluntly, “Why would we have a PLO office? Why would we continue to fund the Palestinians?”

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