Via Trump Train News:

A newly released poll shows President Trump gaining ground on Joe Biden. The President is more trusted at handling the economy and handling the coronavirus response than the former Vice President.

According to The Daily Wire:

Former Vice President Joe Biden held a significant national lead over President Donald Trump in most opinion polls, even as late as last week, but a new Reuters/Ipsos poll released late Tuesday shows Trump narrowing that gap, with the pair now within just two points.

Last week, Biden led the Reuters/Ipsos poll by a respectable six points, as Americans expressed concern that Trump was not effectively handling the coronavirus crisis. Now, though, that lead has “evaporated,” according to Reuters, leaving Biden just two points ahead of Trump and well within the poll’s three point margin of error.

Biden’s lead is down even further from a month ago, when he led Trump by a staggering eight points nationwide.

“The opinion poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday found that 43% of registered voters said they would support Biden in the Nov. 3 presidential election, while 41% said they would back Trump. That makes the contest essentially a toss-up, as the results are within the poll’s credibility interval,” the outlet said. ‘Biden led by 6 percentage points in a similar poll last week and by 8 points in a poll that ran April 15 to 21.”

President Trump is controlling the airwaves while Biden hides from questions about sexual assault allegations. This dichotomy certainly plays a role and could give Trump a big advantage heading into November.

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