Biden speech. Screenshot via C-SPAN.

According to a new poll from the New York Times/Siena, most Americans do believe a “threat to democracy” exists. The threat just doesn’t come from what most might think. The poll showed that a huge plurality of voters believed that “the mainstream media” was the main culprit threatening “democracy.” The revelation is likely not news to many Americans, but for those who religiously stay glued to the mostly leftist mainstream news, it could be an awakening.

American Military News reports:

Seventy-one percent of voters told pollsters they think democracy is in danger. Of those respondents, 84 percent said the mainstream media is contributing to the political system’s peril.

Fifty-nine percent of those voters said the media is a “major threat to democracy,” while 25 percent said it is a “minor threat.”

Voters for both parties came out in high numbers against the media, according to the detailed breakdown. The fourth estate poses no threat to democracy whatsoever in the opinion of only 29 percent of Democrats, 3 percent of Republicans and 14 percent of independent voters.

More than half of Republicans also named Democrats, President Joe Biden, and mail voting as major threats. On the flipside, over 50 percent of Democrats said major threats included Republicans and … President Donald Trump.

The poll noted how 11 percent of voters ais a civil war or other violence was necessary to get the country back on track, while 17 percent of those who said democracy was under attack also said going “outside the law” was necessary.

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