Netflix is considering a boycott of Georgia over the state’s new abortion law. In return, conservatives are considering boycotting the streaming service.

According to The Daily Wire:

In response to Georgia’s new law prohibiting aborting babies with a detectable heartbeat, Netflix said that the company may “rethink” filming in Georgia if the law goes into effect. In response, some conservatives are saying they will consider boycotting Netflix if they follow through on the Georgia boycott.

In response, conservatives are threatening to cancel their subscriptions to Netflix.

Fox News contributor Guy Benson parodied a headline about Netflix’s statement to say that he may boycott the company.

“Benson would rethink Netflix subscription if abortion advocacy stands,” Benson tweeted.


The editor at large of “Redstate” stated she is also considering her subscription to Netflix because of the company’s opposition to pro-life laws.

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