Via American Action News:

MSNBC host and Never Trump politico Nicole Wallace didn’t hold back when expressing how she felt about Senator Rand Paul’s still precarious recovery from coronavirus.

The libertarian-leaning senator tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend. (NewsBusters)

Here’s her full quote: “I think everybody hopes he’s okay. I think, not wishing anyone to be sick or to be exposed is a universal sentiment, but I wonder if that’s just made more difficult.” 

Wallace was responding to the report that, despite having being tested for the virus, Paul continued to use Senate facilities. Wrong on his part? Very likely. But finding it hard to summon up human decency regarding his survival? Well, Wallace is an MSNBC host, after all.

Here’s part of the transcript.

NICOLLE WALLACE: I don’t want this to come off sounding harsh, but I think when people hear that Republican Senator Rand Paul submitted to a test and then swam in the pool that the gym was open, I know that you’re not in the Capital, you’re back in your district tending to the needs of your constituents. 

But what does it say that in the Capital, at least this Republican senator didn’t seem to have much regard for the health of the people around him?

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