President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris walk from the Oval Office of the White House Friday, March 12, 2021, to the Rose Garden to deliver remarks on the American Rescue Plan. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Via TTN:

Kamala Harris’ dreams of becoming president have just been crushed. A new poll reveals a majority of Americans do not think she is qualified to be President of the United States.

A telephone and online survey asked the simple question, “How qualified is Kamala Harris to assume the responsibilities of the presidency?” and the results aren’t good for Kamala.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Only 43% of Likely U.S. Voters think Harris is qualified to assume the duties of the presidency, including 29% who think she is Very Qualified. That’s down from April, when 49% said Harris was qualified to become president.  Now, 55% say Harris is not qualified to assume the duties of the presidency, including 47% who say she is Not At All Qualified,” Rasmussen wrote.

“Harris has not held a public event since last week, when she cut short a meeting with CEOs to discuss the Biden administration’s childcare proposals in order to receive an intelligence briefing about Afghanistan. Since then, she has taken part in at least four briefings with President Biden and his national security team, but has confined her public statements about Afghanistan to Twitter and did not appear at Biden’s side when he attempted to defend the withdrawal in remarks from the White House East Room Monday,” the New York Post noted.

Back in April, Harris bragged that she was the “last person in the room” when President Biden had to make “big decisions,” including Biden’s decision to pull American troops out of Afghanistan by September 11.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union with” CNN’s Dana Bash, Harris preceded her remarks about Afghanistan by boasting, “When Joe Biden asked me to join him on the ticket, he did so with a sense of intentionality, of purpose, knowing that he and I may have very different life experiences, but we also have the same values and operate from the same principles. But it was something that I know he was very intentional about in terms of asking me to run with him and to serve with him, which is that I will bring a perspective that will contribute to the overall decisions that we make.”

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1 year ago

We have every reason imaginable to want Sleepy impeached, I can think of 100’s, the man is daft, now for Kamala, hell no, no one wants her even her own party, This semi woke demented president chose the VP someone who hasn’t ever won an election, fails to attract more than a fraction of 1% who support her in anything, A weak president can not have a VP that is smarter then he or active in anything, complete daft. so we get degraded performance from both because he wanted someone more stupid than himself.. This is a travesty, who ever pulls Jokes strings are now ruining america, they have no intellectual prowess at all, and it shows.. Elites my arse, they are criminally stupid..

Greg Flaugh
Greg Flaugh
1 year ago

I agree! Both Biden and his bimbo need to be tried ad traitors and given to the Afghanis!