Via American Action News:

MMA fighter Tara LaRosa restrained an agitated anti-Trump counterprotester at a flag-waving rally in Portland, Oregon.

LaRosa showed off her skills acquired in the octagon when a scuttle broke out between her and the unprovoked woman. 

Per the New York Post:

Footage of the dustup retweeted by LaRosa shows the MMA legend atop a woman who identified herself as a professor and repeatedly said that she couldn’t breathe as the mixed martial artist pressed down on her.

“Call the cops,” LaRosa said. “Stop, stop, stop – relax.”

The woman beneath LaRosa denied that she assaulted anyone while another man can be heard yelling in the background: “How do you like the Proud Boys now?”

LaRosa accused the unidentified woman of provoking the flag-waving demonstrators, video shows.

The woman, triggered by the patriotic display, allegedly left bite marks on LaRosa’s chest and multiple scrapes on her knees and neck.

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