Via Trump Train News:

The Michael Flynn fiasco has exposed the incompetence of GOP Senator Mitt Romney.

According to Town Hall:

Oh, Mitt. Mitt Romney what are we going to do with you. You haven’t been a total pain in the ass, which was a fear—but you’ve had your moments, sir. You voted with Democrats on one of the politically motivated impeachment articles against Donald Trump. You forever betrayed the Republican Party, this president, and should be relegated to the kids’ table for all coming time. Then, you’re all worried about Donald Trump firing all these inspector generals, which was already in the works because most if not all are Obama holdovers. They have to go. After the 1980 election, you know what Ronald Reagan did, Mitt. He fired all 13 IGs under Carter. And now, since the Internet is forever, we have these words of wisdom from the former 2012 GOP nominee about the Mueller probe coming back to haunt him.

“The Mueller investigation, led by a person of such honor and integrity, has faithfully applied the rule of law despite accusations and fears to the contrary,” he tweeted in March of 2019.

Well, we’ve discovered that Mitt is wrong again. Ex-Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have been appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to take over the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Russian collusion to give it a polish job. It was a clown show. Mueller’s appointment appears to be in the hopes of giving the public a presentation that the FBI was legitimate going after Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, among other things. There was no Trump-Russia collusion evidence. There was no reason to interview Flynn as well. The DOJ motion to dismiss the charges against Flynn points to an entrapment plot led by James Comey and other top officials at the time. If anything, as Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel, noted, the FBI took the country for a ride on this collusion delusion, and Mueller kept it going. The clown car merely just changed drivers. Also, the FBI concluded their investigation into Flynn in 2017. Why was it rehashed, which led to the poor man pleading guilty to bogus “lying to the FBI” charges? Strassel called for another review of the Mueller probe as a result of the Flynn case finally collapsing:

What is it with Mitt always being wrong? If anything, while I did vote for him in 2012 because there’s not enough gold in Fort Knox to make me vote Democratic in any election, I could see why he fell way short. The guy is just too weak in today’s climate. If Mitt thinks this maverick streak is going to score him points in the hopes of launching another presidential run, he’s dreaming. No, it’ll be breaking news because he must be taking drugs, which is a big no-no with Mormons, to think this way. Probably not, but it’s pie-in-the-sky chances that’s for sure. The party, the base—it’s all passed Mitt by and good riddance. 

Soon, all of these Obama-era officials will be testifying on Capitol Hill once all of the restrictions from COVID-19 settle down.

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