Via TTN:

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell said he plans to parachute in free pillows to Canadians protesting Covid-19 mandates.

The Daily Mail reports:

Lindell, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, confirmed that a truck loaded with My Pillows had been denied entry into Canada at the Michigan border on Tuesday, so he intends to drop his products to Freedom Convoy protesters from a helicopter, the Daily Beast reported.

‘We need to get the My Pillows to the people,’ Lindell said, explaining that the pillows will be equipped with ‘little parachutes’ to ensure their safe delivery.

Lindell did not specify when or where the delivery would take place, saying: ‘I can not give the location out, and it is no joke! I just confirmed with them [the helicopter company], and yes, this is the plan.’

The My Pillow CEO told Newsweek that his truck drivers were denied entry because they were not vaccinated. RSBN, who were documenting the pillow’s trip, were also denied entry because the correspondents and crew were not vaccinated.

Per Canadian law, travelers can enter or exit Canada only if they are fully vaccinated.

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