Ronan Farrow was still working for NBC when he began compiling his expose on Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein. Which raises the obvious question of why NBC didn’t publish the report–of why Farrow had to reach out to the New Yorker. 

But now one of Farrow’s producers is accusing NBC of trying to bury the story, and stop Farrow from investigating.

Per the New York Times

A producer who worked closely with Mr. Farrow has accused the network of putting a stop to the reporting, saying the order came from “the very highest levels of NBC.”

Rich McHugh, the producer, who recently left his job in the investigative unit of NBC News, is the first person affiliated with NBC to publicly charge that the network impeded his and Mr. Farrow’s efforts to nail down the story of Mr. Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct. He called the network’s handling of the matter “a massive breach of journalistic integrity.”

NBC denied his characterization on Thursday, saying Mr. Farrow’s work was not broadcast-ready when the reporter decided to take his reporting to The New Yorker.

Nearly two months after he stopped working on the story for NBC, Mr. Farrow published the first in his series of articles on Mr. Weinstein — a series that won a Pulitzer Prize in public service for The New Yorker, an award the magazine shared with The New York Times.


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