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Via TTN:

Daughter of the late U.S. Sen. John McCain, an extreme moderate and Trump hater, Meghan McCain, criticized Trump-endorsed candidates Kari Lake and others for their clean sweep of Arizona’s primary elections held Tuesday. More moderate (RINO) candidates were soundly defeated.

The Hill reports:

As of Wednesday morning, Lake leads Karrin Taylor Robson, who was endorsed by former Vice President Mike Pence and current Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R), by about 1.7 percentage points, or about 11,300 raw votes, according to The Associated Press. The AP has not called the race and estimates about 20 percent of the votes have yet to be counted.

“I see my initial predictions were right despite the initial excitement of Robson pulling ahead,” McCain wrote on Twitter.

“Congratulations to my home state for full making the transition to full blown MAGA/conspiracy theory/fraudster,” she added. “The voters have spoken – be careful what you wish for.”

The primary has marked the latest proxy battle between [45th] President Trump and establishment Republican figures, with Trump zeroing in on his unfounded claims of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election while the party’s establishment wing has focused on contrasting with the Democratic Party on issues like inflation.

McCain’s mother, Cindy, is Democrat Joe Biden’s ambassador to the U.N. Agencies for Food and Agriculture.

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7 months ago

Nowhere in the discussions about the irregularities or fraud in the 2020 election cycle have we heard about – (1) The correlation between the accuracy of the electoral rolls of each of the counties and the number of votes cast in said county.
(2) Any review and/or investigation of a statement made by candidate Joe Biden stating that they (Biden and his minions) have formed/established THE BIGGEST AND BEST FRAUD ORGANIZATION.

MD Anthony
MD Anthony
7 months ago

When judges won’t allow evidence of fraud into court it doesn’t mean the allegations are unfounded.
It means the Democrat appointed judiciary is corrupt and supports the fraudulent results.
The Socialist desire to win is so great American elections are won by the mantra “The ends jusify the means”
Make that the slogan of today’s Democrats and you understand it all.