ccording to a laudatory article published by FastCompany, Barbie dolls, whose sales have declined for years, are becoming woke with leftist tropes, and it’s not a moment too soon.

Writer Elizabeth Segran begins her tribute to the new, virtue-signaling Barbie by chortling:

Just before Thanksgiving this year, Barbie had her wokest moment yet. On the official BarbieStyle Instagram channel, she was pictured in a series of photos with another doll, Aimee, wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “Love Wins,” the slogan of the marriage equality movement. The posts were a tableaux of domesticity. In one, the pair is sitting cosily in Barbie’s walk-in closet, stroking a dog and staring into each others’ eyes. In another, they are eating avocado toast at their favorite Silver Lake café.

Not leftist enough for you? How about this: a September BarbieStyle Instagram account featured Barbie wearing a “People Are People” T-shirt designed by Christian Siriano to protest President Trump’s immigration ban.

Read more at American Action News.

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