Via Trump Train News:

A postal worker from Erie, Pennsylvania, Richard Hopkins, who made a damning allegation of election fraud supposedly recanted his story. At least according to The Washington Post and Democrats.

Project Veritas, a right-wing investigative journalism organization initially reported the claims of fraud and have returned with a statement from Hopkins stating that he never retracted his claims and that he was even coerced by an agent from the USPS Inspector General.

Fox News reported on the retraction and the accusation that this was a lie crafted by the media.

Richard Hopkins, a mail carrier from Erie, Pa., accused his boss of instructing employees to pick up and bring him ballots that were received after Election Day. Hopkins said he overheard his boss discussing backdating postmarks to make the ballots appear as though they had been collected by Nov. 3, instead of Nov. 4 or after.

In order for ballots to have been eligible in the state, they needed to be postmarked by Election Day.

Hopkins was said to have signed an affidavit recanting those claims, which Project Veritas argues was coerced.

Democrats jumped on the news of the recanting:

The Washington Post even reported that three officials briefed on the matter claimed that the claims were recanted.

Project Veritas responded with a video of Hopkins stating he never recanted and that more information would come out Wednesday.

They even released evidence of coercion:

Hopkins, a combat veteran and father has apparently been punished for his claims:


Lindsey Graham is now asking that these claims made by Hopkins be investigated by the FBI and DOJ.

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