Maxine Waters is promising a big tax hike for most Americans if the Democrats win back Congress. 

The Daily Caller reports:

Rep. Maxine Waters promised on Sunday to reverse the GOP tax cuts — or “tax scam,” as she called them — if Democrats retake control of Congress. The California lawmaker also said President Trump would be “in trouble” if that happens.

“Of course, the economy has improved, and of course, he would like to take credit for all of that,” Waters told MSNBC’s David Gura. “But in the final analysis, when this country understands and feels what has been done with the tax scam and what that’s going to do for our deficit in this country, it’s going to be reversed. A combination of the tax scam and the tariffs will undermine all that has been done in the economy that was started by Obama.”

Waters acknowledged the economic improvement touted by President Trump, but contended that the “other mess” will eventually be his downfall, especially if Democrats retake Congress.

“This president is wreaking havoc on this country,” Waters said. “And so while there is some improvement in the economy, we have all of this other mess that we have to take a look at and what is, you know, in the forefront of what is being talked about in the media.”

President Trump’s tax bill cut taxes for 80% of Americans, however Waters continues to refer to the bill as a “tax scam.”

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