A man is in custody after issuing a bomb threat to the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas.

According to News3LV:

Authorities have a man in custody after he claimed to have a bomb inside the Trump International Hotel near the Las Vegas Strip on Tuesday.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said they got a report about the item around 1:10 p.m. at a property near the 2000 block of Fashion Show Drive.

Capt. Dori Koren with LVMPD said a man entered the hotel with a large suitcase and duffel bag and yelled there was a bomb in the building.

The man left in a taxi, and the hotel got two more bomb threats over the phone about 15 minutes later, Koren told reporters.

A portion of the hotel was evacuated in response.

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9 months ago

Send him to Afghanistan and strip him of his citizenship, while at it, load all communist democrat cult party members on board too, stack them like cord wood, and exile them to Afghanistan too.

9 months ago
Reply to  graceythecat

A terrorist conviction sentence- Even if no one is harmed or killed, an individual can face a long prison sentence. A conviction for providing material support or resources to a terrorist organization can result in imprisonment for 20 years. If anyone was killed as a result, then the sentence can be life in prison.

9 months ago

I want to know what to expect now that everybody wants biden out, why keep the Americans in the dark. Let us know what in the name of heaven the administration will nmot tell s,