The University of Kansas is taking the on-campus insanity we’ve witnessed transform higher education over the past half-century to another level. (Fox News)

Patriots in the Heartland are furious after the University of Kansas posted a defaced American flag on campus. And it was intentional.

The flag, smeared with black paint and a sock, is part of an art installation hosted by the Spencer Museum of Art called, “Pledges of Allegiance.”

One of my readers passed along photos of the red, white, blue and black flag flapping in the breeze. And like any right-thinking, red-blooded American patriot he was enraged.

“I’m ashamed to be a Jayhawk,” he told me. “Wake up, America.”

According to the artist, Josephine Meckseper, Old Glory is divided in two, reflecting the polarization of American politics and the president’s decisions to withdraw from global warming treaties and UN Human Rights Council.

Read more at American Action News 

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