Via American Action News:

Totalitarians never let a crisis go to waste. Even in the United States.

Using coronavirus declarations intended to free up emergency funds and slow the spread of disease, anti-gun politicians are imposing sweeping bans on gun sales and gun transfers.

“(I)n a State of Disaster Declaration dated March 17th, the (Saluda County, South Carolina) county council outlined a list of actions to respond to the coronavirus outbreak, including the power to “suspend or limit the sale, dispensing or transportation of…firearms,’” Gunpowder Magazine reports.

“This declaration is the same language recently used by the City of New Orleans, which is notorious for sending government agents door-to-door to seize legally owned firearms from residents in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, leaving them defenseless against looters and other criminals,” Gunpowder Magazine reports.

Officials in Champaign, Illinois also imposed a complete ban on the sale of guns, and officials across the country are planning to also ban gun sales, claiming gun prohibition is necessary to deal with coronavirus.

More troubling than banning gun sales is the recent history of using emergency declarations to begin the door-to-door confiscation of guns.

“Local police officers began confiscating weapons from civilians in preparation for a forced evacuation of the last holdouts still living here, as President Bush steeled the nation for the grisly scenes of recovering the dead that will unfold in coming days,” the New York Times reported in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. “Police officers and federal law enforcement agents scoured the city carrying assault rifles seeking residents who have holed up to avoid forcible eviction, as well as those who are still considering evacuating voluntarily to escape the city’s putrid waters.”

Once again, mayors and even governors are considering banning the possession of firearms, claiming it is necessary to protect first responders.

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