At the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, students can earn up to three class credits through a course that requires them to attend a “White Privilege” conference. These credits can be applied toward a graduate certificate in diversity, social justice and inclusion, along with courses such as “Unmasking Whiteness” and “Social Health Justice.”

Maybe it would behoove me to attend this conference. I’m clearly not exploiting my whiteness effectively because I work three jobs, and don’t have health insurance because the Obamacare bronze plan is too expensive…

The generation known as Generation Z, who are currently in middle school and high school, have out-dumbed themselves. They’ve moved on from slurping down soapy detergent pods to snorting condoms.

Yes, the group of Americans who want to drive policy in this country are snorting contraceptive latex up their noses.

Read more at The Rebel.

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