Via American Action News:

The liberal media went after a group of Army and Navy cadets on Saturday in an attempt to try and smear them as racists. 

As The Daily Wire reports:

Left-wing media publications were quick to smear a group of Army and Navy cadets on Saturday as the two service academies squared off on the gridiron in what is an intense football rivalry, accusing a group of them of flashing “white power” signs…

Far-left activists posted close-up videos of television screens showing what they claimed was the cadets flashing the white power sign.


Others urged their followers to make the photos and videos go viral on Twitter, which quickly happened as “#WhitePower” and “West Point” began trending nationally on the left-wing tech platform.


It seems the liberal media’s appetite for attempting to ruin the lives of conservatives and, now, service members over utterly fabricated allegations seems to know no limit.

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