Via Trump Train News:

The city of Detroit is suing Black Lives Matter for the damage the organization caused to the city.

According to Fox News:

Detroit has filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter activists, alleging a “civil conspiracy” and claiming the protests in the city “have repeatedly turned violent, endangering the lives of police and the public,” according to reports.

The city claims the activists participated in the conspiracy, “defamed” the mayor and police, and contends that the city should be awarded damages, The Intercept reported.

The city cites four protests that occurred in the city this year, and alleges that injuries to police officers included “cracked vertebrae, lacerations, and concussions,” according to the report.

The repeated violence should negate BLM protest group Detroit Will Breathe’s claims that the demonstrations should be protected under the First Amendment, the city asserts, the report said.

BLM fired the first shot at the city when it sued claiming that police “repeatedly responded with violence” when protesters protested. The suit filed by the city was a counter-claim to the initial suit.


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