Jaydin Ledford’s unabashed leftism brought him to the attention of law enforcement across the State of Washington and ultimately landed him in jail. (Newsweek)

The social media salvo came as Ledford’s retribution for many of them waging a public declaration against the merits of a gun control bill called Initiative 1639. (The new law which passed in November, seeks to put more protections on gun ownership when it goes into effect in July.)

“I-1639 is law,” read one of the screeds composed by Ledford, whose Facebook profile photo features a headshot snap of a burly Karl Marx wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

“sheriffs that are non compliant will be shot. by me.”

Another post reads: “I really want to kill a police officer.”

Okanogan County Sheriff’s deputies promptly arrested Ledford. Local authorities have since turned him over to federal custody.

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