Mark Levin is back at it again. 

The syndicated radio personality called Nancy Pelosi “fascistic” for alleging the president engaged in a political cover-up.

The Great One dropped his devastating truth bombs on Fox & Friends. (Mediaite)

Levin opened by mocking what he sees as an unfair obsession that the media has with the president, saying “We endlessly talk what the president said. When he sneezes, when he blows his nose. When he brushes his hair. When he gets up in the morning. It’s Trump, Trump, Trump. Isn’t he a dictator? Isn’t he horrible? Can you believe what he said?”

He then abruptly turned to the Speaker, saying “let’s put the breaks on it. Nancy Pelosi is fascistic. She just declared the president of the United States a criminal based on, what? No Due Process, no court no indictment. She stands up there and she announced the president of the United States a criminal. Nadler announces the president of the United States is a criminal.”

He continued” These are the worst kinds of demagogues who are representing the mob, their base. They have taken over the House of Representatives for their own political purposes.”

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