Via American Action News:

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner is arguing that President Trump is possibly guilty of negligent homicide over his failure, in Kirscher’s view, to stop the novel coronavirus.

What makes Kirschner’s harebrained argument especially harmful is his prominence as an MSNBC legal analyst. A substantial number of leftists will likely parrot his opinion. 

Conveniently, Kirschner ignores life-saving decisions made by the Trump administration and the reality of how a reported cover-up contributed to the virus’s proliferation.

In his online screed, there is no mention of how Trump’s temporary travel ban has limited metastatic leaps in the United States or that a technical glitch resulted in the coronavirus test delay.

And of course, there’s no mention of Chinese officials who reportedly ordered medical researches in Wuhan to stop their testing and destroy lab samples when the opportunity to contain COVID-19 still existed.

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