A left-wing campaign fueled by blind hate has Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) firmly in its crosshairs.  

The purpose of these unprincipled ideologues: to get the moderate Republican to oppose the confirmation of highly-qualified Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 

So far, their tactics have included an unethical fundraising campaign, sexist phone calls, and mass shipments of wire hangers to her Washington office. 

NBC News reports:

As a potential GOP swing vote, Collins has been at the center of attention for both parties since President Donald Trump announced Kavanaugh’s nomination in July. Now, with the Senate Judiciary hearings over and the nomination about to proceed to the full Senate, progressive activists are increasing the pressure, concerned that Kavanaugh would undo abortion rights and roll back health care protections.

Some callers have been particularly abusive, according to recordings obtained by NBC News from her office. The profanity-laced voice mails reveal the anger over Kavanaugh’s nomination and, potentially at her should she vote to confirm him.

One caller on Friday, September 7 at 6:11 p.m., left a message saying, in part: “If you care at all about women’s choice, vote ‘no’ on Kavanaugh. Don’t be a dumb bitch. F*** you also.”

And in a letter sent to her Portland, Maine office, the writer on August 9 says that “EVERY waitress who serves you is going to spit in your food, and that’s if you’re lucky, you f***ing c***! Think of that every meal.”

The multi-front campaign has raised over $1 million in a blatant attempt to intimidate Collins to oppose Kavanaugh.

The campaign’s organizers, unprincipled liberal ideologues, say that donors will get a full refund if Collins votes against Kavanaugh, but if she doesn’t, the money will go to her yet undetermined Democratic challenger in 2020.

For her part, Collins calls the Machiavellian tactics an explicit attempt at bribery.

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