Regardless of your political affiliation, everyone agrees that the National Action Network (NAN), a group founded by Reverend Al Sharpton, revolves around its leader. 

That’s what makes the non-profit’s $531,000 payment to the reverend so unbecoming. (New York Post)

The cash buys the NAN the rights to The Rev’s life story for 10 years, supposedly so that the charity can profitably license the rights to Hollywood and other comers.

According to Sharpton, two board members came to him with the idea as a way for NAN to have some reliable income after he retires. After all, the logic goes, he’s 64 but clearly the main selling point for all the nonprofit’s fund-raising.

Problem is, it’s not really clear who’d be buying what, or when. If Spike Lee comes calling, maybe the bet pays off — but, with all due respect, Sharpton isn’t exactly Malcolm X.

So the purchase could wind up a windfall for The Rev and a straight loss for NAN, which already pays him a comfortable $244,000-plus a year, plus perks. And it’s not like the group has any expertise in selling such rights: Its expertise is in social-justice issues.

Tellingly, the feds have consistently sidestepped Sharpton. The IRS has given him years to make good on millions in unpaid taxes, even accepting his claims that his records were lost in a fire.

Of course, getting away with the unbecoming and reveling in slander has remained Sharpton’s modus operandi since the late 80s.

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