Disturbed celebrity Kathy Griffin’s troubles continue to mount. 

One might think she would avoid controversy after posting a shocking video last year holding a prop resembling the severed, bloodied head of President Donald Trump. However, you would be mistaken. (New York Post)

 Mezger and wife Sandra, who live next door to Griffin and boyfriend Randy Bick, filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit against the couple, alleging that Griffin and Bick illegally recorded the Mezgers on audio and video from their back yard, The Blast reports.

The Mezgers are requesting $5,000 for every recording Griffin, 57, and Bick, 39, made, as well as damages.

Mezger and Griffin have been embroiled in court battles for nearly a year.

In September 2017, an audio recording of Mezger calling Griffin a homophobic slur was posted online after Bick complained about noise from Mezger’s grandchildren.

Earlier this year, Griffin admitted to installing security cameras capable of recording sound but denied intentionally spying on her neighbor.

Read more at American Action News

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