Via TTN:

The federal prosecutor leading the investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes waited until after the 2020 election to obtain warrants. while U.S. Attorney David Weiss started his investigation in 2018 but ultimately waited to obtain the warrants over fear the investigation would become politicized.

Fox News reports:

“It was a close call,” one anonymous person who is familiar with the investigation told the outlet. “That case has way more credibility now.”

Weiss is a Republican who was appointed to his position on a permanent basis by former President Donald Trump in 2018 on the recommendation of Delaware’s two Democratic senators.

Weiss began investigating Biden’s business dealings with China and Ukraine in 2018, as well as possible money laundering. He then turned his attention to whether Biden paid taxes on all of his income, Politico reported.

By the time investigators were ready to issue grand jury subpoenas and search warrants, election season was in full swing and Weiss reportedly feared the public knowing about the investigation and it would become politicized.

During the 2020 campaign, The New York Post posted a bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s laptop which revealed his lucrative business deals in Ukraine while his father was Vice President. However, the story was widely censored and ignored by major networks and Democrats attempted to claim it was Russian collusion.

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