Via American Action News:

Alva Johnson, a former Trump campaign aide who accused then-candidate Donald Trump of kissing her against her will has dropped her lawsuit against the president.

Johnson’s move came after newly released video footage cast doubt on her allegations. 

According to the Daily Caller:

Johnson, 44, sued Trump and the campaign on Feb. 25 for gender and race pay discrimination, as well as battery. She alleged that during a visit to Florida on Aug. 24, 2016, Trump grabbed her forcefully and kissed her against her will.

Judge William Jung dismissed Johnson’s case on June 14, saying that it was a “political lawsuit” rather than a “tort and wages” lawsuit. Jung said that Johnson could amend her complaint if she wanted, but Johnson decided on Wednesday not to proceed with the case.

In the suit, Johnson claimed that Trump treated her like a “sexual object that he felt entitled to humiliate and dominate.”

However, the president’s lawyers recently released video from the incident contradicting Johnson’s claims of sexual misconduct.

The footage shows Trump and Johnson on an RV surrounded by campaign officials and staffers. Johnson is heard off-camera initiating conversation with Trump, who responds by approaching Johnson and placing his hands on her shoulders and quickly pecking her on the cheek, rather than the corner of the mouth.

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