In today’s video Amanda discusses the Georgia runoff election. She highlights the importance the runoff election has on the county, as it is more than just one seat in Senate. This seat could be the thing that would keep Biden at bay for the rest of his first (and hopefully last) term in office. While the latest polls for the election between Warnock and Walker have seemed to put the two candidates in a tight position running up to election day, it is up to Georgia voters to make the state red and elect Herschel Walker.

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Peter K Baker
Peter K Baker
1 year ago

Gee the Democrat won. How shocking . I can’t believe it . Is it like it was planned in advance . ….. And Scene . Seriously everyone on the right has gone coward to the point where actual White separatists and White Supremacists are putting faith in a Black man to name the Jews and take us to the promised land while actual conservatives are putting faith in Pot smoking Liberal electric car maker Elon Musk to fix social media and bring back free speech . Cognitive disassociation all because everyone on the right has let themselves be ruled by their own fears to the point where they would see their children molested before lifting a rifle in rage and righteous disgust . When was the last time in the history of human beings that a government that got this corrupt was to be taking down without force . But hey stick your head in the sand and say that your doing something effective no matter what . Even when your cowardice has put us all into a position where a global nuclear war could result from not taking down the usurpers of society.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
11 months ago

Was election rigged like others?
Something had to happen for Win
6 months ago

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