Via American Action News:

Last night President Trump told Martha MacCallum at a Fox News town hall forum in Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, that he intended to cut funding for Social Security and Medicare.

 Both programs are among the primary drivers of our national debt.

However, the political reality of addressing them in an election year is fraught with peril, as the Republican Party learned in 2012.

All of that may explain Trump’s backtracking today. 

However, Counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, challenged the assertion that Trump was changing his stance in a tense interview with Fox’s Ed Henry on America’s Newsroom. (Mediaite)

The tense exchange between co-host Ed Henry and Conway unraveled with the White House advisor stating that the Fox News host was “misquoting” Trump.

“He appears something he tries to clean up this morning,” Henry began, and proceeded to read a Trump tweet fro. Friday morning. “He just tweeted, ‘I will protect your Social Security and Medicare just as I have for the past three years.”

Henry then told Conway, “You were there at that town hall; he said the opposite. He said in his second term would cut Social Security and Medicare and cut entitlement programs. Why did he say that?”

Conway fired back, “He didn’t say that. You are misquoting him.” She added, “When I talked to him after I said there were some articles and Twitter traffic that says the following and he said no, I’m talking about cutting deficits.”


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