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1 year ago

Get woke, go broke. What’s interesting is that I am a singer and, in addition to singing and writing(I would love to record for Columbia Records), I have some movie ideas that NEED to get out. I honestly think I still have not gotten in the door because I don’t do “the ‘Left’ thing”.

1 year ago

Hollyweed is a losing proposition. I will not go to a theater, etc. and am basically ignoring all their businesses.. How do you like your liberal choice now? Biden was a bad bet and can’t wait to hear the whining!

1 year ago

Well the Hollyweirds supported the dementia suffering old pervert, now they must pay the cost. Their movies don’t get made because of the costs of materials , So that seriously cuts into their profits. Most people are not going to theaters because of the cost of tickets and overpriced popcorn, candy, and drinks. Why spend $50 on a movie, where you are watching with a lot of other people you know nothing about when you can rent a movie much cheaper and enjoy it at home. Most movies hit Redbox in a few short weeks anyway. So Hollyweirds, your silly opinions don’t really matter to most Americans. Who cares about the yammering of a bunch of fools who play dress-up and let’s pretend for a living.