Freshman Senator and 2020 Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has used her position on the Judiciary Committee to rail against President Trump, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and the Republicans. In fact, she’s used that pulpit to make herself one of the Democratic favorites for the 2020 Presidential nomination. 

But she might be about to lose that privilege all together. The Senate is considering reducing the size of the 21-member commmitee. And if they do, Harris will be the first Democrat on the chopping block–unless she can convince one of her more senior coleagues to give up their spot for her. 

Fox news has more: 

Reducing the size of the 21-member Senate Judiciary Committee is reportedly among the actions being considered by Senate Republicans as they prepare for the next Congress.

If that happens, Sen. Kamala Harris of California — a high-profile Democrat who is considered a possible candidate for her party’s 2020 presidential nomination — could be left off the panel, according to a report.

That’s because the first-term senator is the judiciary committee’s most junior member, and would be among the first to go if the panel is downsized, the Washington Post reported.

Democrats’ Senate losses jeopardize national spotlight for possible 2020 hopeful

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) November 25, 2018

But some Democrats are reportedly scrambling to find a way to keep Harris on the committee, the report said. The ideas include negotiating with Republicans — who maintained control of the chamber after this month’s midterm elections — to keep the committee at 21 members, or convincing a more senior Democrat to step aside.

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