Via American Action News:

New York recently passed a law targeting President Trump which allowed state lawmakers to release the president’s state tax returns to Congress if certain criteria were met.

A federal judge has now blocked New York from doing releasing the tax returns.

According to The Daily Caller:

A federal judge blocked New York state from turning over President Donald Trump’s tax returns to Congress Thursday.

The order from Judge Carl Nichols, a Trump appointee, came in agreement to a proposal from the state that would allow it to challenge Nichols’ jurisdiction over the issue, Politico reported Thursday.

The order will block any House Ways and Means Committee requests for the tax returns via the New York law until the jurisdictional dispute is resolved.

The Trump administration filed a lawsuit July 23 arguing New York violated the president’s constitutional rights when it passed a law earlier in July that would give the majority Democrat House Ways and Means Committee access to the president’s state tax returns, according to Reuters.


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