A Virginia judge ruled statues of Confederate generals qualify as war monuments and therefore cannot be removed by the City of Charlottesville without permission from the state. (Washington Examiner)

CNN reports Circuit Court Judge Richard E. Moore said people’s feelings about the Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson statues does not change the fact they are war monuments and therefore are protected under Virginia state code 15.2-1812.

“I find this conclusion inescapable,” Moore said. “It is the very reason the statues have been complained about from the beginning. It does no good pretending they are something other than what they actually are.”

The code states: “If such are erected, it shall be unlawful for the authorities of the locality, or any other person or persons, to disturb or interfere with any monuments or memorials so erected, or to prevent its citizens from taking proper measures and exercising proper means for the protection, preservation and care of same.”

The code specifically outlines how Confederate monuments, as well as Union monuments, are protected.

The Charlottesville City Council voted to remove the statues after a white nationalist gathering left a counter-protester and two state troopers dead.

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