Via TTN:

Moderate Democrat Joe Manchin has reportedly worked out a deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to gain his support for Democrat’s partisan election bill, the For The People Act. Manchin who previously said he would oppose the partisan push to federalize elections has reportedly been swayed and will now vote yes after striking a deal with the top Senate Democrat.

The Hill reports:

“We worked it out,” Schumer told reporters.

In exchange for voting “yes” on Tuesday, Schumer said if Democrats are able to advance to floor debate on the bill, something they won’t be able to do because of across-the-board Republican opposition, he will give Manchin a vote on his proposal as an amendment.

“Over the past month, I have worked to eliminate the far reaching provisions of S.1, the For the People Act – which I do not support. I’ve found common ground with my Democratic colleagues on a new version of the bill that ensures our elections are fair, accessible and secure,” Manchin said in a statement.

“Today I will vote ‘YES’ to move to debate this updated voting legislation as a substitute amendment to ensure every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot and participate in our great democracy,” he added.

Though Machin has changed his mind and plans to vote to move the bill forward it will still fall short of the required 60 votes due to opposition from all Republican senators.

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1 year ago

He just need to go. He is not good for anybody.

Gary Von Neida
Gary Von Neida
1 year ago

Further proof that Liberalism is a mental disorder—they were easy to brainwash as there wasn’t much there to begin with.

Edna Badman
Edna Badman
1 year ago

we are older seniors and have been voting by Mail for several yrs..
and our questions is What happens to us
for Tis the only way of Voting is by Mail.
we are praying we can still early vote .whenever voting is,

1 month ago

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