Via American Action News:

Authorities have indicted a Maryland man for plotting an ISIS-inspired truck attack, similar to those that have killed scores in Europe.

A U-Haul a 28-year-old stole was going to be used to crush pedestrians at National Harbor, a posh development south of D.C.

Per the Washington Free Beacon:

A federal grand jury charged Rondell Henry of Germantown, Md., with attempting to provide material support to ISIS, the U.S. Department of Justice announced.

Henry planned to drive a truck into a large group of pedestrians at National Harbor, a waterfront district in Maryland with restaurants and stores. He was inspired by the 2016 Bastille Day truck attack in Nice, France. That terror attack killed 86 and injured hundreds.

Court documents state that Henry wanted to create “panic and chaos,” and he indicated he wanted to do the “same as what happened in France.” He was also intent on finding a sizable crowd to attack.

On March 26, Henry walked off his job in Maryland and searched for a large truck to steal. He stole a U-Haul in Virginia “to use it to commit mass murder, in the pattern established by ISIS,” according to court documents.

Henry couldn’t find a crowd large enough in his mind to launch the attack. He decided to wait until the next day. Fortunately, the police located the stolen U-Haul and Henry before he could strike.

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