Via Trump Train News:

Ivanka Trump has gotten a taste for politics and isn’t ready to give it up. The businesswoman-turned-White House adviser has some big political aspirations and rumors are swirling she may get started in Florida. Currently, the First Daughter focuses on, “the education and economic empowerment of women and their families as well as job creation and economic growth through workforce development, skills training and entrepreneurship,” according to the White House website.

Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner recently bought a nearly two-acre lot in Indian Creek Island, an exclusive neighborhood north of Miami, FL. The move is seen by some as a sign Trump may be considering running against current Florida incumbent Marco Rubio who’s seat is there for the taking in 2022. Trump’s father and current President of the United States Donald Trump is wildly popular in the Sunshine State he proudly calls home.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Trump has not ruled out a near-future run for office, nor has she publicly denied she has political ambitions of her own. Florida, which President Donald Trump won in 2016 and 2020, provides a potential opportunity for Ivanka Trump, should she choose to enter politics.”

“Ivanka definitely has political ambitions, no question about it,” the source told CNN. “She wants to run for something, but that still needs to be figured out.”

If Ivanka really wants to jump into politics, she has picked a good spot. Rubio’s seat is up for grabs in 2022 — and Rubio was a harsh critic of Trump in the 2016 Republican nomination race, although he did wind up supporting the president and later morphed into a loyal supporter of Trump once he the won election.

“I think she’d be the immediate frontrunner if she ran for U.S. Senate against Rubio, given her father’s popularity in the Sunshine State,” Adam C. Smith, former Tampa Bay Times political editor and now consultant with Mercury Public Affairs, told CNN. “Marco Rubio is up for reelection in 2022 and is expected to run again. But I wouldn’t think Rubio would deter her if she wanted to run. The last time Marco Rubio ran against a Trump in Florida, in the 2016 presidential primary, Rubio was crushed by 19 percentage points.”

Senator Rubio briefly ran for the Republican bid for President in 2016 against Donald J. Trump before endorsing the President. President Trump has said on numerous occasions that his daughter is an excellent politician and may even consider a run for President in the future.

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