During a press conference Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi appeared to lose control of her speech, her face twitching uncontrollably. While she recovered from the incident, it leaves many wondering whether her health is failing. The American Mirror reports

When the House Minority Leader attempted to say the word today, she suffered a face spasm — just one of several during today’s press conference with Intelligence Committee Democrats.

While introducing her colleagues, Pelosi said, “I’m very honored to stand, uh, before members of the House Intelligence Committee,” suffering a face spasm.

Moments later, she spoke unintelligibly.

“So I knew the challenge that members face there,” speaking of the committee. “That’s why I had the pa— uh,” freezing, before adding, “privilege…”

Pelosi is poised to regain house leadership, should the Democrats prevail in November. However, it’s not at all clear she remains up to the job. 

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