Conservatives have repeatedly criticized Google, Facebook, and Twitter over their perceived liberal bias.

Now, with 14 days to go before a crucial midterm election, concrete evidence has bolstered those claims.

Fox News reports:

Employees of the tech giants have given a total of $2.4 million to House and Senate candidates, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Of that, only $176,000 – just 8 percent – went to Republicans.

By comparison, in the last midterms in 2014, Google, Facebook and Twitter workers gave a total of $838,000 to congressional candidates, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Of that, $679,000 went to Democrats and $259,000 went to Republicans.

In July, President Trump accused Twitter of “shadow banning” prominent Republicans. “Not good,” he tweeted. He also accused Google in a series of tweets in August of playing up negative articles about him in search results.

The campaign donation findings could provide Trump more ammunition that the big tech firms have a built-in bias that tilts left.

Silicon Valley executives have denied all accusations of bias, despite admitting the liberal proclivities of their employees.

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