Photo edit of Donald Trump vs Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential race. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

The most recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll paints a fascinating picture of the current political landscape. Former President Donald Trump holds a significant lead over President Joe Biden among independent American voters, standing 18 points ahead. Overall, the survey shows Trump with the backing of 45 percent of voters, compared to Biden’s 40 percent. Importantly, 16 percent of the electorate remain undecided in this hypothetical rerun of the 2020 race.

The poll details reveal a particular inclination towards Trump among independent voters, with 45 percent favoring him over Biden, who garners only 27 percent of their support. An intriguing scenario unfolds if Biden were to go head-to-head with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This matchup indicates a dead heat, with both candidates receiving 40 percent support.

DeSantis manages a slight two-point lead when hypothetically pitted against Vice President Kamala Harris, securing 41 percent support to Harris’s 39 percent. However, when Harris faces Trump, his lead expands to 47 percent as compared to her 40 percent.

In the context of GOP presidential preferences, Trump exerts a commanding lead, amassing an overwhelming 52 percent of support. This leaves him with a significant 40-point lead over his closest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who stands at 12 percent. Other potential GOP candidates, such as Ramaswamy, Pence, Haley, Scott, and Christie, trail significantly with single-digit percentages.

Harvard/Harris conducted the poll between July 19 and 20, involving a total of 2,068 registered voters. This data offers a timely snapshot of the present political preferences and the potential directions of future electoral outcomes.

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