Via American Update:

Far-left congresswoman Ilhan Omar admitted during an interview with BET that she didn’t know if any of the current Democrat Presidential candidates had a chance of beating President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 election. As Breitbart reports:

Appearing Wednesday on BET Digital’s #BlackCoffeeLive, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) expressed uncertainty about whether any 2020 Democrat candidate’s ability to defeat President Donald Trump.

A partial transcript is as follows: 

MARC LAMONT HILL: You mentioned Cory Book and Kamala Harris with regard to a bill. You did something with Bernie Sanders. You may not know this, but they’re all running for president. Where are you leaning these days? Have you thought about endorsing?

REP. ILHAN OMAR: I have not and I don’t intend on making an endorsement anytime soon. I think it’s a little too early. There is lots of important conversations that need to be had about particular policies. Everybody has ideas that are closely aligned and so it’s within the details often that you get to pick your candidate. As a policy nerd, those kind of things really matter to me.

 I also think there is this question of how do we defeat the occupant of the White House? What does that process really look like? How do we not only energize our base, but also get to the soul of our country and reclaim it? I don’t know if we have gotten that candidate yet.

Her doubts aren’t unfounded. As the Democrat party continues shifting in an ever more radical left-wing direction, normal Americans will see President Trump as the only rational choice left.

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