A recent report from the Sunday Mirror reveals the horrors of what can go wrong when political correctness supersedes the safety of even our own children.

A child-sex ring in Telford, U.K., was reportedly allowed to flourish for some 40 years, racking up an estimated 1,000 victims. Girls as young as age 11 were lured, drugged, beaten, raped, gang-raped, and forced to get abortions. No investigation was launched into the scandal until a decadeafter reports of abuse were made.

What slowed the probe into such savagery? The short answer is political correctness.

Police officers were frightened to be labeled as “racist” for acting on the matter since the suspects were men of “Asian” descent, the report claims. As is common knowledge, the British media generally label those of Pakistani or Indian descent as “Asian,” unlike the American press.

Read more at American Action News

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