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Via TTN:

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a bill to nationalize “red flag” laws. The Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order, passed in a 224-202 vote. Two Republicans did not vote.

The Hill reports:

Five Republicans — Reps. Fred Upton (Mich.), Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) and Chris Jacobs (N.Y.) — bucked the GOP in voting for the measure, and Democratic Rep. Jared Golden (Maine) broke from the party in opposing the bill.

Passage of the measure came one day after the House cleared a sweeping gun package that, among other provisions, called for raising the minimum age to purchase a semi-automatic weapon from 18 to 21 and banning civilian use of high-capacity weapons.

Both pieces of legislation were brought up in response to last month’s mass shootings in Buffalo, N.Y. and Uvalde, Texas.

The red flag bill — introduced by Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.), whose son died by gun violence in 2012 — would authorize family members and law enforcement officers to petition U.S. district courts to issue federal extreme protection orders that would temporarily prohibit individuals from purchasing or possessing firearms.

Red flag laws already exist in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

The orders can either be short-term, lasting for a maximum of 14 days and issued without a hearing or long-term, remaining in existence for 180 days and requiring a hearing.

Petitioners must provide evidence that the individual poses an imminent risk to themselves or others by purchasing, possessing, or receiving firearms or ammunition.

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MD Anthony
MD Anthony
24 days ago

The red flag bills open the door for Summary Execution with no consequences for police
Ant resistance or percieved resistance purportedly observed by hysterical enfocement offoicers couldlitteraly se entire families shot to death even if no guns were observed.
Enforcement officers will be protected by the criminal “doctrine of Sovereign Immunity”
So they really will not be held responsile for any deaths incidental to enforcement.

24 days ago

Just say HELL NO.
Is anyone else sick & tired of NOT being represented by our “ELECTED” representatives, or is it just me?

23 days ago

I don’t mind extra time to see if someone is sane enough to carry or moving the age to 21, but red flag is dumb. Your neighbor can get upset with you and turn you in under the red flag and your screwed. If you can get your permission back you will be lucky.

Gary Von Neida
23 days ago

RINO’s are akin to JUDAS.