Former Presidential contender Hillary Clinton has decided to make a late-life career change. Taking a cue from fellow Democratic loser Al Gore, at the age of 71, she’s decided to become a “climate change expert.”  As The Daily Wire reports:

When Al Gore loss the presidency in 2000, he quickly rebranded as an expert on global warming and “climate change.” The swift switchover likely saved him from a career in obscurity, and thanks to the profitability of carbon trading schemes, has made him a rich man.

Taking a cue from her husband’s former Vice President, failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appears to be rebranding herself in a similar way, as an expert on the issue of climate change (though she offered little in the way of policy solutions when she was actually in office). Over the weekend, Clinton flew to the U.S. Virgin Islands for a meeting of the “climate elite,” hosted by — who else — the Clinton Global Initiative.

“Glad to be in St. Thomas, USVI this morning speaking with leaders on the front lines of climate change. There are so many people working to create resilient communities and inspire climate-smart actions—tune in to hear from some of them at 11am ET,” Clinton posted on Twitter.

The benefit of being the “Clinton” of the “Clinton Global Initiative” is that you can make yourself the keynote speaker of an environmental event, despite having little to show in the way of environmental policy innovation.

In spite of the fact that Clinton has absolutely no experience or track record battling climate change and will be traveling to her new, high paying, gigs on massive carbon-spewing jets, Democratic voters will probably be more than happy to ignore her hypocrisy. After all, Hypocrisy is what being a Democrat is really all about. 

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