Via American Action News:

Hillary Clinton epitomizes revenge politics in the United States. Now America’s Stalin is back, flirting with another presidential run, and plotting more Machiavellian schemes.

Dan Backer, for the Daily Caller, further explains:
Clinton’s latest target was Tulsi Gabbard, whom she described as a “Russian asset” and the Kremlin’s preferred third-party candidate. Clinton also hyperventilated about “a bunch of sites and bots” helping Gabbard’s campaign, as if the American people aren’t intelligent enough to choose whom to support or oppose. In 2016, millions of Americans were smart enough to choose Clinton’s opponent, and they’ll choose wisely again — Russia fear-mongering aside.
But for Clinton to claim any moral high ground isn’t just hypocritical; it’s beyond belief. Hillary Clinton essentially accused Gabbard — a military veteran — of treason. Even other Democrats acknowledge how ridiculous that is — which is about as ironic as it gets.

Ironic, because Clinton had a different feeling about the Russians during the 2016 election, when she sought out opposition research from, as she puts it now, “Russian assets” to dig up dirt on President Trump and his campaign. To do it, the Clinton campaign hired Perkins Coie lawyer Marc Elias for the presidential election cycle, who then hired Fusion GPS to conduct “opposition research” on Trump, in the form of the infamous “pee dossier.” After that, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee funneled over $1 million through Perkins Coie to Fusion GPS. (Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook personally approved the payment to Perkins Coie.)

Confusing? It was supposed to be. The Clinton machine did whatever it could to conceal the money trail, making their dirty tricks illegal, in exactly the same way upheld by the Supreme Court.

Read more at the Daily Caller.


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