Over and over again, we hear that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. With nothing more than wishful thinking, and a baseless theory of collusion, Democrats continue to cry foul and ardently support Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the matter. The political circus, often called a witch hunt (among other things) by the president, has cost taxpayers millions and dominates focus in Washington, D.C., distracting from the real issues that can benefit all Americans.

Despite the absolute certainty expressed by so many journalists, analysts, and deep state government officials, the only evidence of collusion with the Kremlin that can be proven is the coordination conducted by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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Even as the facts continue to come to light, the “resistance” refuses to give up. No matter how many times a lie is repeated, it does not make it true.

Despite what the left wants us to believe, Vladimir Putin had no influence over my vote for president of the United States, but Hillary Clinton and the Democrats sure did – and the paper trail proves it. Hopefully the FEC will follow the money and do what the Department of Justice and Congress are unable to accomplish.

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