Honesty (not really) via Wikimedia Commons.

Via AAN:

Hillary Clinton shocked many observers after she made bizarre and potentially racist accusations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during an appearance on a CBS morning news program.

During the appearance, Clinton claimed that she knew Thomas in law school, in spite of having been part of a different graduating class, and that he was full of ‘resentment, grievance, and anger’ and that because of his recent ruling striking down Roe vs. Wade as part of a 5 justice majority ‘women are going to die.’

Clinton’s latest outburst comes as many begin to question whether she is being considered to run in the place of an aging Joe Biden in 2024.

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John Wood
John Wood
1 year ago

The Hilderbeest should just go away and leave the rest of us alone..

1 year ago
Reply to  John Wood

She needs to put a skirt on and shut up.